Sydney opera house

Sydney, Australia


Have you ever been in a building that looks like yacht sails? Maybe not, right? Well the Sydney opera house looks like yacht sails, which is kinda what the architect meant to do. The Sydney opera house represents other things that you will soon later read later on. The opera house is a beautiful building that attracts a lot of people. You will learn why and how it was built and inspirations the architect had.

Acts in the Sydney opera house.

The Sydney opera house is one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world ( Each year staging about 2,500 performances and events are drawing around 1.5 million patrons, and attracting an estimated 4 million visitors ( Since its opening it has attracted great artists from across the world ( Some of the many nationally and internationally acclaimed performers are the Sydney symphony orchestra, Bangarra Dance Theatre, and the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein ( In 1937, the renowned black American actor and singer Paul Robeson climbed onto the scaffolding of the Sydney opera house during construction, and sang to the workers (

Jorn Utzon

Jorn Utzon was the architect of the Sydney opera house ( Jorn Utzon studied naval charts, photographs, a site plan, and watched a short film on Sydney ( He wanted to create a sculpture that would relate as naturally to the harbor as the the sails of the yachts ( Organic or natural forms were important principles in his design ( It's uniformity was intended to give a rock- like character that design for the base ( Utzon used natural colors on the exterior that was the general idea - concrete, granite and ceramics (


Jorn Utzon was inspired by the sandstone heads at the entrance to the Sydney harbor ( The platform was influenced by Utzon's of Mayan architecture in Mexico ( He believed that the approach of the new building should be similar, where one could look upwards and, only at the last minute, get a magnificent view of the harbor or the sea ( Utzon made the large staircase at the Sydney opera house 100 meters wide and created the plateau on top ( He did this to give people the feeling of liberation from daily life and begin in another world (


The Sydney opera house is a beautiful building that you can go and watch acts that are performed there. Like you have read the Sydney opera house has quite a bit of things it represents like the sandstone heads ( The opera house also has a lot of work behind it. The Sydney opera house has a beautiful view from the windows that you can see the harbor or the sea (


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