By: Ally Condie

Character Analysis

Cassia Maria Reyes is a 17 year old girl who follows all of society’s rules. She has never questioned society. Cassia is the best sorter in her school which means she is set on being a sorter for her so the officials start watching her. She signed up for a hiking class and in that class is Ky Markham. Ky is intelligent and mysterious. As cassia learns more and more of his story, Cassia falls in love with him. Cassia knows that she can’t be with Ky because she is matched to Xander, her best friend, but she risks her life for a life with Ky. When Ky is taken away from his home, Cassia is determined to find him.

Plot Diagram

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In the book Matched by Ally Condie, the main character Cassia lives in a "perfect society". The book starts off with the match banquet, where Cassia finds the love of her life. Cassia is matched with Xander; her best friend since she was young. It was perfect. She thought he was perfect. Until another face appeared on the micro card. It s Ky. The mysterious boy that's completely quiet but so intriguing. Cassia is later told that her micro card was hacked. It was a mistake. The society made a mistake... but Cassia is confused, just as the society predicted. She gets to know Ky, out of her curiosity and they fall in love. But she's in love with Xander. And he's in love with her. She's never broken society rules. But this time she takes many risks. Hidden kisses, poems, cursive writing, magical touches. The spark is lit. It can't be blown out. Once she takes it too far, he's ripped from her heart. And so is Xander. You would think she would stay with Xander... but she chases after who she really loves. she chases after Ky. But will she find him?