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St. George Episcopal Lower School

Are You Ready for a Joyful Week?

This coming week is one of my favorites!! I know, I know, it is one of the most exhausting weeks for teachers, but think of all the eager and anticipating little people we get to be surrounded by all week. Think of how beautiful the sounds of all those little voices singing Christmas songs will be next Thursday! We get to see them all dressed in their dressy dresses and fancy shirts, ties and sweaters! On Friday we get to sit in chapel one more time before this beautiful holiday and be surrounded by "our kids" and our friends as we worship together. There are many wonderful things in store for us all next week. I hope you will enjoy the week and your holidays too. I am truly thankful for each of you. Merry Christmas!

December 14-18

  • MONDAY - Christmas program rehearsals
  • TUESDAY - Christmas program rehearsals, Happy Birthday, Dave!
  • WEDNESDAY - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day for faculty, PTO Cookie Exchange Day, Christmas program rehearsals, Remind students to wear "Christmas Best" tomorrow, No Faculty Meeting!!
  • THURSDAY - Christmas programs: JK/SK at 9 am, 1st-2nd at 10:30 am, 3rd-5th at 1:30 pm
  • FRIDAY - Advent Eucharist at 8:30 am, Christmas parties, Early Dismissal, NO EXTENDED CARE AFTER SCHOOL (tell parents please), End of 3rd 6 Weeks, Happy Birthday Laura Meiske!

Christmas Program Week Nuts and Bolts

  • On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lower school chapel will begin at 8:10 am and end at 8:25 am. In order that we may start on time, please leave your classroom and take the students to chapel by 8:05 am.
  • For the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday program rehearsals:
  • Keith has already emailed program seating charts for each program.
  • --8:30 am - 3rd-5th - Get your children in their places and then Yvonne, Keith, and a PE teacher will cover. We do not need teachers in the rehearsal.

  • --9:30 am - 1st and 2nd - Get your children in their places and then Yvonne, Keith, and a PE teacher will cover. We do not need teachers in the rehearsal.

  • --10:30 am - JK and SK - 2 teachers are needed in the gym during each rehearsal. We need each of the 2 “watchers” to cover one set of risers and we will cover the third set. You can come up with your own schedule of who is coming which day.

  • Thursday's Christmas Programs - All hands on deck! Enjoy the wonderful programs. Kinders @ 9:00 am, 1st and 2nd @ 10:30 am, 3rd-5th @ 1:30 pm.

  • PE Schedule for Monday-Thursday - Click this link.

  • Friday - Eucharist @ 8:30 am (seating same as Thanksgiving, sent in email yesterday)

Upcoming Dates

  • December 21 - January 1 - Christmas Break
  • December 27 - Happy Birthday Jean!
  • January 4 - Modification letters due to Yvonne
  • January 5 - Grades to Melissa, Modification letters to due Sam
  • January 6 - No Tech meeting this month
  • January 7 - Report cards online today
  • January 8 -


  • Be on time. Whether you are a specialist or a classroom teacher, please be punctual.
  • Classroom teachers - If you are using a specific behavior management plan with individual students, please send the specialists a note detailing the plan. Students who need this extra help also need consistency and, if we are using the same plan across all courses, it will be much more effective.
  • Please make sure that you are always keeping your doors locked.

Some Great Things I Saw This Week:

  • It must be that time of year, but again this week I sat in on several very difficult parent conferences with teachers. Many times these meetings involve saying things to parents that are difficult for the teachers to say, and even more difficult for the parents to hear. In each session, the teachers involved were very successful in getting these messages across to parents in professional and loving ways. When parents believe that suggestions, and even creative criticisms, are given with their children's best interests at heart, they are always more receptive and open.
  • I loved how excited the kids were seeing tiny Mary and Joseph moving toward the stable in chapel!
  • Kinder had many parents coming in and giving presentations for their Christmas Around the World unit. We are blessed to have these wonderful parents!! I included a few pictures below.
  • Everyone rolled with the punches on Friday and you all were so kind to me on my first big "Santa" day. Thank you!
  • WOW! This was my first time to see the Barnes and Noble Christmas program and all I can say is I sure was proud to say I am a part of the St. George family. It was incredible. The children sounded amazing. Thank you, Keith!!!!
  • Lily had the 8th graders and the junior kinders decorate cookies. It is so neat to see our big, grown up kids with our littlest. They all had a wonderful time.

Lise Ann caught a great moment at the choir concert at Barnes and Noble.

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