Guide du Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam. It’s an amazing destination.

What to Avoid When In Vietnam

Planning a trip to an exotic destination can be very exciting. When you choose a destination like Vietnam, you have more than one reason to be exited. As far as many Vietnam forum online explain, Vietnam offers a wonderful destination for tourists. No matter how much you are looking forward to your Vietnam travel there are a number of things that can go wrong. Due to the economic condition of the country there are various tourist traps laid down to scam the tourists. You can read up on the scams on any of the Vietnam forum that you can find online. But apart from the scam there are two things that you need to highly cautious about when you are in Vietnam.

Watch what you eat

Vietnam is famous for its street food. You will barely find any fast food chains to help you feed your grumbling tummies. Street food might be the only options when on the go. This does not mean that you will put just about anything on your plate into your mouth. You need to eat smart. If you hear about any pig related diseases up and about then avoid pork. If you are unsure about any kind of meat then do not try to eat it. Only opt for the stalls where you see the locals gathering. Do not feel sorry for the less crowded stalls, they are less crowded for a reason. When it comes to water you need to be more cautious. Always have bottled water with yourself during your Vietnam travel.

Steer clear of drugs

Many people feel that third world countries can offer the best drugs at a cheap price. In Vietnam the price of drugs can be your life. Vietnamese law allows death sentence for those charged with possession of drugs. Even if you are not sentenced to death you might have to rot in jail for years. Some dealers target tourist, sell the tourist drugs and then rat them out for a bribe.

When in Vietnam you are sure to have a good time if you are cautious about your diet and you steer clear of drugs.