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November 2019

Family Update

We would also like to thank parents who took time to come in for our Curriculum Share and Family Conferences. It was so nice to get to meet and speak with all of you A BIG THANK YOU to families who took time to come to our Curriculum Share. Our Curriculum Share Potluck was also such a success thanks to you all. If you were not able to make it to our Curriculum Share, do not worry! Here are videos of our rehearsals, performance and presentations. ENJOY!

We are so thankful for our 1B students who make our job the hardest, most rewarding thing we have done.

Thankful for our teachers

Morning Meeting?


In Phonics, we have been learning all about the rules for bonus letters and glued sounds that really help us with our spelling! We learned that when a one syllable word ends in an "f, l, s" a second "f, l, s" is added at the end of it - making it a bonus letter! It happens when an s follows a short vowel at the end of a word. Even though there are 2 s’s, there is only 1 sound.

Check out the chant that we learned to help us remember this rule!

"When a short *clap clap clap clap* vowel *clap clap clap clap* is followed by a F, L, S, and (sometimes) Z…You double it! You double it! You double it, double it, double it!"

This week, we just started learning about glued sounds - which are letters that keep their individual sound but are glued together to make one sound. The glued sounds we learned so far are -all (ball). The next glued sounds we will learn about are -am (ham), and -an (fan). In the near future, we will be learning many more glued sounds in our English language!

Below is a link to our updated sight words as well as a list of suggested activities you can do with your child at home using the flashcards that were sent home!
Fundations Bonus Letter Chant


Our 1B friends kicked of this month with a brand new module in ELA about the sun, moon, and stars! We enjoyed singing songs, dancing, and reading several books that helped us learn about the sun and moon's movements. So far, we have read Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky, Summer Sun Risin', and Sun and Moon to learn not only about the sun, moon, and stars but also how to effectively retell a story from beginning, middle, to end. For example, in Summer Sun Risin', we learned about how the sun's movement aligns with a boy's life on a farm from the beginning to the end of the story. We even began to have conversations around what the central message is in the story. A central message is the big idea or lesson the author is trying to teach its readers. At home, encourage your child to think about the central message of the story he/she is reading by asking: Why did the author write this story?


Its Graph Time! Our mathematicians have been hard at work these past two weeks. They learned how to pose their own question, collect the data, graph it, and then analyze the data collected. Through our Problem of the Day , 1B friends would walk into class in the morning and find a question such as "What is your favorite snow activity" or "What is your favorite dessert" on the board. Once we collected the data, we would graph it together as a class. This week, our friends started to focus on analyzing the information and comparing the data points through a series of questions. One way to support your child at home is to have him/her pose a question and ask different relatives for their answers. Once they receive the information, they can graph it by using tally marks or coloring in boxes to make a bar graph. Next week, we will be starting our unit on learning more efficient strategies in adding and subtracting.

IB (Family Diversity)


Thankful for our Townhall Meeting #2

Kindergarten Chant
1st Grade Chant
Kindergarten Chant
Try Everything Song
We Shall Not Be Moved Song

Thankful for our friends


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  • Wednesday, December 11 - General PTSO Meeting & Farewell Party for Mr. Saunders
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  • Friday, December 6 | Reminder: SGP Make-Up Picture Day
  • Friday, December 6 | PTSO First Frydays Game Night
  • Wednesday, December 11 | General PTSO Meeting & Farewell Party for Mr. Saunders
  • Sunday, December 15 | Make & Take Fair {PTSO}
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