A layman’s guide

to the best billing machines available Part 2

Machines have indeed reduced the work humans have to do ever since the beginning of time. A notable invention which has an influence till today is the wheel which was invented by the early man. Initially the wheel was used for a number of purposes like making pots, shifting heavy objects, etc. Today it is used in every form of transportation and the invention is here to stay. Similarly uncountable number of machines has been invented which reduces the effort and energy being spent by humans for the same task. One of the important developments is the invention of billing machines. These machines have changed the conventional way bills were used to be meted out. The olden days meant that the shopkeeper had to write down all the articles on a piece of paper which had the shop's name and other legal information. Once the items have been written on the bill the vendor had to calculate and write the total cost of all the articles combined and then the bill was issued once the cash was paid by the customers. Today billing machines have in a great way reduced the time taken for a bill to be issued. Be it in shops, public transport, parks and other places where people go out to have a good time, the bill printers are playing a major part today. Unique bills which cannot be replicated are created using the billing machines. This prevents the vendors from a number of security hazards and they are able to give a genuine bill. In buses where people commute in thousands every day, the tickets are issued using a portable billing machine which can be easily held in the hand. The machine has a small keypad and a small screen which shows the details to be printed.

Today, mostly every bill printer is a thermal printer. This means that the printer uses heat rather than ink to print the bills. When bills were being printed using a computer printer, the size of the bills used to be big and a lot of ink was used to print these bills. Every now and then the vendors had to replace the printer cartridge so that the bills were being printed without any halt in the work flow. The thermal printer just needs rolls of thermal paper to keep printing bills and has a high durability. The print heads present in the billing machine are heated and they come in contact with the thermal paper which turns black wherever the print heads have come in contact with. The usual colour while printing using a thermal printer is black. Other colours like red are also sometimes integrated with the billing machines. When the print heads use a different temperature than the usual, the red colour is achieved and two colours can be printed using certain billing machines. Billing machines have greatly enhanced the work flow of various business ventures which involves giving out a lot of bills. There are several types of machines one can choose from online.

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