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Compound Personal Pronouns

Compound Personal pronouns could have words such as: myself, ourselves, us, and we. Compound pronouns are used when you are talking about yourself and somebody else with you.

Subjective Case Pronouns

Subjective Case pronouns use words such as: I, she, he, and me. Theses typese of pronouns could be used when you are talking about ether yourself or about a boy or girl (he and she).

Meaning Of Pronouns

Pronouns it's self is a word that is used in place of a noun. A pronoun can refer to a person, place, thing, or idea. A word that the Pronoun refers to is called it's antecedent. There is also first, second, and third, person on pronouns.

Possessive Nouns

Possessive nouns are nouns that show ownership with objects. It would also show how much of something the person who owns the object. For example: Possesive nouns use words like mine, and yours.

Demonstraive Pronouns

Demonstraive pronouns demonstrate people or thing. Some word that are used are this, those, and these. An example of demonstrative pronouns would be: I like the hunger games books, I read all three.

Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns aren't like interrogative Adjective's since the pronoun won't have a noun. These types of pronouns are used when you are asking certain questions to somebody but without using another noun.

Numeral Pronouns

Numeral pronouns are used when you are explaining exactly the number of about of your object/ thing. For example: There are three hunger games books, I read all of them last summer.


Antecedents are a substatince of a word who's determined to a pronouns. It could also be in place of a frase or a clause.

Objective Case Pronouns

An objective case pronoun is the object of the verb or preposition it is an objective case pronoun. You would use the objective case of pronouns when the pronouns are direct or indirect object of a verb.

Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are when you are not very sure about how much or what kind of the object that you would have. For example: There are a few hunger games book/ movies I watched/read all of the books and movies.
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