The Great Depression

Orion gore

Opponents of new deal

  • Liberal critics
These critics were upset because they felt as the new deal did more for business and little for the unemployed and working poor.
  • Conservative critics
These critics felt as if the new deal gave government too much power.
  • Demagogues
Farther Charles E. Coughlin, Dr. Francis E. Townsend & Huey Long used radio to reach mass audiences on the "evil conspiracies" of government.
  • The Supreme Court
The supreme court destroyed the NRA & AAA for business recover and agriculture recovery. People began to accused the president of being a dictator.

Rise of unions

  • Formations of the C.I.O.
In 1935 the industrial unions joined together as a committee pf industrial orgs. Theirs leader was John L. lewis and concentrated on organizing unskilled workers in the automobile, steel and textile industries.
  • Strikes
Strikes were a frequent occurrence on the depression decade.
  • Fair labor standards Act
This act was enacted in 1938 and provided a host of regulations on business in the interstate commerce: minimun wage, a max workweek of 40 hrs., child labor restrictions on those under 16.

Last phase of new deal

  • Recession
In 1937 social security tax reduced consumer spending which led to recession.
  • Weakened new deal
A coalition of republicans and conservative democrats blocked further new deal reform legislation.

Life during depression

  • Women
More women sought work and were accused of taking jobs from men.
  • Dust bowl farmers
A severe drought in the 1930's ruined crops on great plains with cause many farmers to move westward toward California.
  • African Americans
Racial discrimination was still around & the unemployment rate for african Americans was higher the national average.
  • Native Americans
The dawes ace was repealed in 1934 with the passage of the indian reorganization Act .
  • Mexican Americans
During the depression high unemployment and drought in the mid west caused dramatic growth of white migrant which made Mexican americans return toMexico.