Dance isn't a sport?

To some people is not considered a sport. But what other sport do you compete almost every weekend during the season, and train harder than any football player, so after you read this, you decide. I dance at Evolution Dance Company and have been dancing there since it opened in 2014
Evolution Dance Company (Savage, MN): 5th/6th graders spring performance.

Look at the improvement!

This video is a kick dance and was my very first dance ever. It was at my first recital too!
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Lakettes 4 Life!

This is a picture of the Lakettes dance team at the annual community show. We got first place at all of our compettitons! Go team!


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The Way You Make Me Feel (Remastered Version)

The Way You Make Me Feel!!!

This hit by Micheal Jackson is my jazz dance song this year. We got 2nd place at our last competition, Showbiz!


The Way You Make Me Feel. Youtube,com. N.p., 8 Nov. 2014. Web. 9 May 2016.

Showbiz Dance Competition

Friday, May 6th, 10pm

1301 2nd Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN

This was my most recent dance competition. We got 2nd place overall and lots of other dances at our studio got 1st!