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Week 12

What's Happening?

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Twitter Testing New Feature Where Users Can Add Images to Photos

Twitter Inc. is testing a new feature called "Stickers" to add images to photos before tweeting them, tech news site Re/code reported on Tuesday.

The feature will also let Twitter users see how others around the world have edited the photo and will also suggest photos that could be edited and posted, to take part in trending conversations and breaking news, Re/code said, citing the company. However, it is unclear where Twitter would get these photos or how it would determine which ones to recommend, the report said. (READ MORE)

Health and Wellness

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15 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

It’s normal.

You’re bent on finishing the work at hand, and suddenly something comes up. You don’t give thought to how pressing any distraction is — you just give it attention.

Five minutes, ten minutes. Sometimes it goes to over an hour.

When you get back to work — boom — you’ve no idea where you left off or why you couldn’t get your mind and heart into it. You can’t stay focused at work anymore and are becoming less productive. There goes your valuable time and effort. There goes your momentum and peak of creativity. (READ MORE)

VA Tips and Tricks

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New Client? Don't Rush Into It, Ask These Questions First

So you’ve landed a client, great news. Whether this is your first client or not, you’re well on your way to building your business, but how do you make sure this experience goes well?

You’re ready to accept the work and take on this new client? Wait, make sure you get as many details as you can. You might end up uncovering something that rings alarm bells. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still choose who to work with. (READ MORE)


My Life as a Freelancer…in Movie & TV Clips

VA on Spotlight

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Name: Jeabelle Bautista

Nickname: Jea

Age: 21

Previous Work (before 20Four7VA): Retail Specialist on Amazon, Concentrix

Describe yourself in three words: Independent, Enthusiastic, Positive

Favorite Food: Bitter melon

What do you do for fun? Fingerboarding

Any hidden talents? I'd be glad to have one.

Greatest Achievement? Being an independent actual-breathing human being

Best advice anyone has given you? Don't be late.

What's your motto? Better paranoid than dead

What do you love most in 20Four7VA? Liberty

Motivation Moment

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