A Message from Campus Ministry:

We write today in response to recent events of deep concern in both the Catholic Church and in our nation.

In the course of this week, we received the Vatican’s statement on civil unions of same sex couples and witnessed the tragic mass killing of people of Asian descent in Georgia. Both of these very different events do not introduce new fear and anxiety, but rather amplify existing forms of marginalization and violence. We see and hold the pain, confusion, and anger that this newest statement from the Vatican causes LGBTQI+ members of our community, their allies, and loved ones. We remain committed to recognizing and celebrating the dignity and love of all persons.

The killings in Georgia happen amidst a dramatic year-long increase of anti-Asian discrimination and violence. We denounce any act of gun violence and in particular a culture of white supremacy that seeks to scapegoat people of color. In this time of escalating fear, we stand with our Asian American and Pacific Islander community members and deepen our commitment to uncovering bias and dismantling cultures and systems of racism.

In Campus Ministry we hope to support, struggle with, and stand for all members of our community, but particularly those who are made to feel afraid or less than others because of who they are. Please reach out to anyone of us if you would like a listening ear and or a supportive presence.

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