Slogan: "Happiness can exist in acceptance" - George Orwell

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Our utopia is the ultimate land of opportunity - and not in a capitalistic way, either. Andamento (Italian for progress) is a land free of special privilege, racism, sexism, class-ism, and any other means of discrimination against a people. It is the ideal society, with people being free to be unique and 100% individual while still operating in a community setting. Our utopia doesn't look much different from most 21st century first-world countries at first, but look closer and you will see a lack of riots, hate crimes, and prejudices. After thousands of years trying to create the perfect society, we have finally found it. Andamento perfectly combines a mixture of all cultures, communities, and classes while integrating each individual's attitude and personality. It is the optimum civilization for absolutely everyone!

Reason for Existance

Andamento came to life out of need for a more progressive and open-minded outlook on society. Though democracy fared well in many countries for years, it never successfully put an end to racism, sexism, and discrimination in general. This utopia has a government focused on social issues as much as anything else to keep those things from ever becoming a problem again. After lifetimes of prejudice being seeped through media and into people's everyday lives, society as a whole began to be blinded to the hatred and bigotry demonstrated so freely in most countries. Now that we can take a step back to see how we have wronged in the past, we can make the perfect, ideal place to live.

Community Members

Our utopia is welcome to absolutely everyone who is looking for a free and equal place to live. Andamento citizens are the happiest around as they are all treated equally! There is absolutely no favoritism or privilege based on class, race, sex, etc. so everyone in our civilization has a world of opportunity ahead of them. This culture is very intelligent and progressive, which is reflected on anyone who chooses to live here. Showing an awareness for previous mistakes and a want for improvement demonstrates the highest level of intelligence and maturity, traits all of our community members share!
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American Dreams and Novels

America has always been considered the "Land of Opportunity", though it may not always have delivered on that promise. Andamento, however, truly is the place for everyone to find opportunity and gives everyone a chance. Just like America, too, it is an area for freedom and independence. Our utopia allows everyone to be completely individualistic and will never, ever deny someone their rights. The government or leaders will not impose or step in on anyone unless they are hurting someone else, or causing oppression in some way. We want our society to be completely free and equal. In some ways, our civilization is similar to the one in the story Harrison Bergeron, as both are trying to achieve equality for their citizens. Andamento is different from the culture create by Kurt Vonnegut, however, because we don't want to make our citizens lifeless robots. In Harrison Bergeron, the leaders gave people handicaps to limit their abilities, and in trying to make everyone the same, they had to make the "norm" the lowest possible standard. Our goal is for everyone to be treated equally, not for everyone to be the exact same. Their society was trying the reach the classic American dream of freedom and equality, but they got lost when they began to limit people and just, ultimately, created more oppression. We will never do this, Andamento leaders will not ever limit someone's freedom or opportunity and will only ever impose if someone is hurting someone or causing oppression.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

Our utopia is much different from the one Ray Bradbury created in his novel Fahrenheit 451. In his book, the government wanted to keep everyone from getting educated and make everyone see the same thing and, basically, be the same person. They didn't want people thinking for themselves or straying from the artificial norm. Our nation is almost the polar opposite to that way of thinking. We want everyone to be completely themselves and individual. Our goal is not to create a uniform society or way of thinking, but more just have everyone be accepted no matter what way they think. We want each citizen to be treated equally not to be the same. Our society will value education, but not put too much weight on it, so anyone can be considered an "intellectual" no matter how they've done in school. It is our belief that everyone is talented and brilliant at something, so there are many different ways someone can be considered intelligent. In Fahrenheit 451, the society Montag lived in had many problems that would be viewed differently in our utopia. Books, instead of being burned, would be viewed much like they are in today's modern society, a way to learn or to enjoy yourself if wanted. The use of media would also be different. Instead of government controlling people through television and constant ads, Andamento would filter the media in order to eliminate discrimination and bias. We would allow people to watch what they want and keep most media forms in tact, we would just eliminate anything that spreads hate and intolerance. The television and advertisements in Ray Bradbury's society are used to distract people and keep them from having any deep thoughts or things of substance. People in our utopia would not all be bland, dull, and lifeless Mildred like in Fahrenheit 451. They would instead each be uniquely different, and have no discriminating views that could result in the amount of deaths Bradbury's nation had.


While Andamento certainly sounds like the perfect place for us, it could have a few drawbacks in some people's eyes. The government of our society will absolutely take the people's views and opinions into consideration, but, ultimately, this society is a dictatorship. There are two leaders in power (the creators of the utopia) who will make sure everything continues to run smoothly and oversee that we are always keeping up with our progression. We don't want Andamento to become a democracy because it hasn't worked well for the people in the past. As leaders, we know exactly what we want our society to be like and we are prepared to keep up with that image. Anyone who doesn't find this appealing, or changes their mind about living in our utopia is welcome to leave freely after an exit interview. There will never be consequences for a person deciding they don't want to take part in our society, and if they change their mind, they will always be welcomed back in. The exit interview is for the benefit of everyone else in our community and for our leaders to learn about why people would want to leave and what we could do better in the future to make things better. We are always looking for ways to improve our community. We acknowledge that problems may come up, especially with media - something society has struggled with in the past- but our leaders are in control for that reason. We will always allow people to do what they want, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else. If it does get to that point, we are prepared to take control of and filter the media, and rid our society of anything that is holding us back or oppressing anyone.
Andamento was started out of a need for progression and equal opportunity, but we realize that some people may not immediately be open to making so many changes. It is our hope that they will adjust quickly, but for those who are unwilling to change their old ways, this may be considered a dystopia in their eyes. It may not seem appealing to people who have become accustomed to their privilege and who are not prepared to treat everyone else without bias.
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