Free Anti-Aging Seminar

Look and Feel Younger And Take Control of Your Income

FREE Anti-Aging Seminar THIS SATURDAY near Los Angeles

Join us for a FREE, exciting and informative presentation about anti-aging and aging youthfully.

What is "aging youthfully?"

Feeling and looking great, feeling healthy and looking and feeling YOUTHFUL!

Reserve your space NOW to:

  • Learn about the latest breakthrough science that is helping people LOOK and FEEL 10 years younger by regenerating new collagen and elastin naturally and REPAIRING and REJUVENATING skin.

  • Hear about the main cause of aging and what you can do about it at the cellular level to feel healthy, vital and fit for years to come.

  • Discover the Youth Enhancement System -- breakthrough skincare, supplement and anti-oxidant products -- that are transforming how people look and feel WITHOUT surgery, botox or harmful chemicals.

  • Learn how to tap into the unsurpassed global income opportunity wrapped around cutting-edge skincare and health products, while helping people look younger and achieve optimal health and longevity.

  • Discover how to partner with this growing (explosive) company that has a global platform enabling you to make money from your fingertips using your phone, computer, or tablet, anywhere, anytime.

  • Find out why today's diets FAIL, and what you can do about it to shed unwanted fat and gain lean muscle.

Jeunesse Global is a world-wide company in the anti-aging arena taking off like a rocket in Southern CA. Jeunesse works with top scientists such as Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman, world renown for his adult stem cell technology (NON-embryonic), and Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine, whose research just won him a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Feel healthier and more youthful as you age, and even launch your own business selling GLOBALLY to others, using their EASY social media tools.

Seats are limited. Please RSVP to to reserve your space and get on the list as my guest. See you there!

Look and Feel Fab, and Fatten Your Wallet,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

The Phoenix Club

Saturday, Nov. 22nd 2014 at 10am-12pm

1340 S. Sanderson Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

We are meeting in the event room at 10am.

Don't miss these NEW product launches (see videos below)

Instantly Ageless will remove bags, fine lines and dark circles in minutes. Watch the jaw dropping demo LIVE during Saturday's event.

New Zen Bodi system can help you get to the root cause of why your body ages, and help you shed unwanted fat, and gain lean muscle, so you look fit, lean and healthy.

Reverse Your Age: Jaw Dropping Product Demo That Removes UnderEye Bags

Before And After: One Side of Under-Eye Treated With Instantly Ageless

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New Zen Bodi: Revolutionary Weight Management System to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle


What Are Stem Cells?

Dr. Nathan Newman - Stem Cell Technology by JEUNESSE®

You are Invited by: Eliza, "The Anti-Aging Analyst"

Eliza, “The Anti-Aging Analyst,” is a lifelong anti-aging enthusiast and one of the top skincare and anti-aging reporters for the Los Angeles Examiner and author of Eliza's Anti-Aging Arsenal Blog at

Top experts in health and wellness and social media expected to attend are Adam Vincent Gilmer, Dr. Carol McWilliams, Melinda Oschmann, Keith Struxness, and more.