Teach Like a Pirate

J.R. Irvin Elementary Weekly Staff Newsletter - vol 8

Mission Statement

We value every student, creating an environment for all to be successful!

TLAP Quote of the Week

"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all."~Johnny Depp

P is for Pirate

Dave and Shelly Burgess wrote a book which is the Inspirational ABC's for Educators. Every week I will include a snippet from the book.


If your students had to describe their experience your class using only five words, what would you want those words to be? Your answer is your destination.

To get where you want to go, you need a precise destination. Commit to your five words and use your GPS-your lessons, units, and the current reality of your classroom-to accurately gauge your current location and map your course. Ask yourself: Would students use the five words you chose? If not: Recalculate! Recalculate! Recalculate! It's time to adjust your route and get back on course.

We began this activity during staff development and ran out of time to revisit. I would encourage you to commit to your 5 words and then see if you what your students choose as 5 words match yours.

Burgess, D. & S. Teach Like a Pirate. (2014). Dave Burgess Consulting. CA: San Diego.

Teacher of the Week~Rebekah Johnson

Hi! I am Rebekah Johnson. I am married to Patrick and we have been married for 10 1/2 years! We have two beautiful girls, Claire who started kinder at JR Irvin this year and Chloe who is 18 months old! It is such a blessing to be Mommy to these girls! They sure keep me on my toes. We just started a new adventure in our house, we are now the proud owners of 5 chickens! Claire and Chloe are so excited to check on the chickens and gather the eggs each day :)
For the past three years, I have taught awesome Kindergarteners at Irvin. These little people put a smile on my face daily!

Please remember to email your grade level meeting notes to Shannon and Stacee.

Upcoming Dates

  • Morning Assembly Helpers - Pollard
  • 10/19 - Watch Reading DVD #1 this week
  • 10/20 SATs
  • 10/20 ELAR/Science Committees Meet 3:15pm-4:15pm
  • 10/21 Early Release at 12:45~Wear jeans and Irvin or MISD shirt.
  • 10/22 District Writing Prompt #1 Window Closes
  • 10/23 Homecoming
  • 10/23 End of 9 Weeks

  • 10/26 Red Ribbon Week Begins~Wear jeans all week with theme of the day.
  • 10/26 Grades are Due
  • 10/26 Pep Rally 9:15 for K-2 and 10:00 3-5
  • 10/27 Committees Meet 3:15pm-4:15pm
  • 10/30 Party Day

  • 11/2 Watch Reading DVD#2 this week
  • 11/2 ISIP Window Opens
  • 11/4 District Writing Prompt #1 Analysis on Google spreadsheet due
  • 11/4 3rd Grade Math CBA#1
  • 11/5 Curriculum Preview Day - on conference period
  • 11/6 STARS Data due onto Google spreadsheet
  • 11/13 November Instructional Reading Levels due to grade level cumulative spreadsheet (from a running record quick check and teacher questions, not DRA).

October Teacher Birthdays

October 4th: Jennifer Siebert

7th: Lori Owens

11th: T-Kay TImmerman

21st: Kim Graham

Strategic Planning

Check out the district website for the link to the strategic planning process that is occurring in our district now.

The board developed a new vision statement and then the strategic 30 last Thursday and Friday developed a new mission along with belief statements. The next step is action committees that will develop plans under specific objectives.

Link: http://www.midlothian-isd.net/strategicplan/index.html