Thunderbird's Eye View

Athena P1 updates, Nov. 19th

Anyone else confounded by the image of a shirtless man shopping for a Christmas tree this weekend? This warm weekend weather was driving me batty! But as a wiser parent might say, don't dwell on the negative, so instead I'll focus on Athena's front office team who has officially made it onto my "Nice" list with all these new on-campus activities (they're even starting a Book Fair next month). Hope you've been able to make it out to one, or to the class playdate in October.

Where are my manners… I'm Andrea, and we may not have met in-person but I've already spammed you about something Thunderbird-related :) In an effort to reduce those pesky emails Sarah and I are migrating to this sleek newsletter-approach and hope you'll find it to be a friendlier addition to your mental inbox. Bear with me for one long one and the rest will be less frequent and more concise!

Prefer to talk face-to-face? Want to see a baby's toothless grin or talk to a toddler? Grab one of us on the playground or in the breezeway at pick-up time.

Upcoming Events

Cultural Fest

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 3pm

1503 Morgan Lane

Austin, TX

potluck dinner, $10/adult, rain or shine

Don't just attend- MAKE IT BETTER! This year our class is manning the popular Tattoo Station (child + tattoo + water… we got off easy!). A big Thank You to our parent volunteers already signed up, but it's best to have TWO people per shift so we NEED ADDITIONAL HELP especially during peak times (3:30-4, 4-4:30).

Please visit Sign Up Genius to enlist, or use the paper posted outside the P1 door.

And don't forget about the Open Mic- just five minutes of your time to show off a skill, be a goofball- whatever you think will entertain the kids. And I'll buy you a margarita!

december playdate

Saturday, Dec. 7th, 10am

6001 Manchaca Road

Austin, TX

blanket and picnic, anyone?

monthly playdates

Every 1st weekend of the month how about a play-pal somewhere, sometime, someday. Where should it be? Want to see an event planned for a weekday? Please use the Comments section (when viewed in your browser) at the bottom to add ideas or suggest alternate plans.

  • October- Lil Stacy Park
  • December 7- Garrison Park, Saturday, 10am
  • January 4- Pease Park, Sunday, 10am
  • February 1- TBD, Saturday, 10am

Baby Jasper's Shower Gift

If you'd like to thrown in a couple dollars for a collective classroom gift is still an envelope in Sam's cubby for the remainder of the week.

* We are still looking for a single jogging stroller as well, if you have one or know someone willing to donate or sell.

get involved!

In addition to tattooing kids at Cultural Fest, there are plenty of ways you can make a big difference:

  • Help breakdown the Cultural Fest event.
  • Be a library-runner (help keep out the seasonal book collection fresh). A sign-up sheet will be posted this week outside the classroom.
  • Be a Weekend Warrior (help prepare small amounts of materials for the following week).
  • Donate items for special lessons… right now it's materials representative of North America, such as postcards, flags, maps, pictures- almost anything goes. Items from Canada, Alaska, or tribal in nature are a plus.
  • Help with class auction items this spring, in preparation for Casino RoyOwl (more info in 2014).

Classroom Wish Lists

These popular items tend to run away in the night. If you have some around the house collecting dust please consider donating them to the class.

Anything else?

Please use the Comments section (when viewed in your browser) to share your thoughts and help select out-of-school activities to best suit your family. Here's to an amazing year!

Warmly, Andrea & Sarah