Beverly Cleary Ramona Quimby, Age 8

It is harder than you think! By: Beverly Cleary

The Summary Of Ramona Quimbys Not So Good Life!

Ramona is an OK little girl that loves her attention. First of all, to explain she loves attention in any way I can tell you today is by saying well she is a very adventurous person. To explain how that is a reason of her loving attention at all is that she always wants he mom to watch her roller skate, and other adventurous things like climbing trees.

Meet In The Kitchen At Four

Here is one of the main parts of the story so read well for the information of it. Ramona does not get along with her sister Beezus as you can see in the book, and they used to always fight over who gets to do what chores. So, they thought in order for both of them getting out of doing chores they had to behave for the whole week without complaining or fighting at all then doing dinner.

Now Here Is Some Of The Main Characters

Gauranteed To Be Ramona's Life

The NON Hard Boiled Egg

Ramona went to school one day with a hard boiled egg, but at least she thought it was hard boiled. Every other kid in her school bragged about themselves cracking open eggs on their heads to eat them, so she wanted to be one of those kids Ramona cracked the egg and it splattered all over her head, and even when she went to the office Mrs. Whaley called her a nuisance.

That Was Ramona Quimbys Story

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Ramona quimby age 8