This Week in Pre-AP Math 8

January 4 - January 8

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Winter Break and the time that was (hopefully) spent with family and/or friends. I look forward to seeing all of your students again starting tomorrow, January 5. We will hit the ground running, so students need to be ready to go when they get here.

Supply Requests

Please consider helping out our supply closet. Needs, as of right now, are:

1. Tissues: I am out of tissues and we are going into the allergy, cold, flu season

2. Tape: I know I requested this before, but we use a lot of it, so it is almost always a need

If you are willing and able to help out with either of these, it would definitely be appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has answered past supply requests.

This Week In Pre-AP Math 8

  • We will be beginning Unit 8, which is Pythagorean Theorem and Angle Relationships
  • This week we will review real numbers, comparing and ordering, and squares/square roots on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be modeling the Pythagorean Theorem. Thursday we will use the basic theorem to determine if we have right triangles. Friday, we will use the theorem to find missing side lengths.
  • Monday, January 18 will be a school holiday
  • Next test date: Tuesday, January 26


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: