By Connor V

What are Hallucinogens? Hallucinogens are drugs that make you hallucinate. For example if you take this drug you may think you're in a movie while outside like on the road. There might be a car coming but you think you're in a movie so you think you can do this epic jump but you end up getting hit by the car.

What can it do to your body? Hallucinogens can make you hallucinate. This drug can increase your breathing rate which is not very good you just want it to be normal. It can also cause nausea and vomiting. Some other stuff it can do to your body is cause blurry vision so you can really see, it's like someone who has glasses but they take them off. It can also cause dizziness so you can't really walk because you will feel too dizzy. It can increase your heartbeat and also raise your blood pressure.

When/why people begin using them? People use them to deal with stress. Like if they're stressed out on something like on school they take hallucinogens to deal with that. They also said it's been used for religious rituals

How/where to get help? People can get help from a doctor by telling them there problem and they will tell you what to do. You could also tell your parents because they may have experienced this problem before and they might know what to do. You could also ask your friends because if you have done this drug i'm sure they would’ve taken this drug. They could tell you what they did when they experienced this.

Types of Hallucinogens: -Shrooms -LSD -Peyote -PCP -psilocybin -Yellow leaf