Poster Modern America


Election of 2008

  • Barack Obama won the democratic party nomination.
  • John McCain ran on the republican party ticket.
  • Obama wants health insurance for all workers and to increase taxes on wealthy Americans.
  • McCain wants to balance the budget, and most importantly he was against abortion. He was also against same sex marriage...
  • Barack Obama became our first African-American president.

Effects of 9/11 Since The Attacks

  • The Patriot Act was passed.
  • America has had to intervene in several countries to protect democracy.
  • In response to the attacks there was a war started in Afghanistan.
  • The war is still ongoing.
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The War In Iraq

  • The war began on March 20, 2003.
  • It started because of the suspensions of weapons of major destruction in Iraq.
  • This war led to the fall and execution of Saddam Hussein.
  • Security was handed back to the Iraqi government after 8 years of war.
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