December Students of the Month

McCord Middle School

Student of the Month Description

Each month McCord Middle School staff will recognize at least four students that exemplify characteristics from our Middle School Learners Profile that was created by a committee of community members, administrators, students and staff members. Below you will find our December Student of the Month winners. Other nominees are also recognized.
** In order to invite our December winners to the Student of the Month Celebration, before Holiday break, we are naming students of the month early this month.**
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Student of the Month Winners

Tessa Terpenning

Student of the Month nominated by Ms. Robb.

Tessa is an all-around joy to have in class. I never have to worry about her not doing what she should be, and I know she will always make the right choice. I appreciate her calm respectfulness and willingness to help others. She embraces changes without a complaint. I would take 100 more Tessa's!

Tre Pryear

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mrs. Freer.

Tre comes to my math class each day with a smile - ready to learn. He participates in class, works hard, and encourages those around him to do the same. When concepts do not come easy for him, he is learning to persevere, ask questions, and advocate for himself. He has really grown as a student and math learner, and I have no doubt he will continue to do so. Keep up the good work, Tre!

Hadley Franks

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Hess.

Hadley is such a positive contributor to our Global Thinkers class. She always arrives to class with a positive attitude and giving 100% effort all the time. Hadley is always willing to contribute to our class discussions and is open to hearing other's perspectives on different topics. She is very kind and gets along great with her other peers. She is a great leader and model to those around her. Keep up the good work, Hadley!!

Nihal Kandemir

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Mr. Murphy.

Nihal is new to McCord from South Africa and from the day she arrived on our class she has brought nothing but positive energy. In addition to being a very talented science student, Nihal is always so kind and encouraging when engaging with her peers. It is my pleasure to nominate Nihal for this most deserved award.

Other Nominees for December

Resilient Learners

James Madden- I am proud of James for the growth and persistence he has shown through our argumentation unit! He takes time to wrestle through complex ideas and sit with challenging assignments. He is willing to ask for help and has been building his confidence as a writer and scholar throughout this unit. I am happy to celebrate James as a resilient learner!

Hanna Schaeffer- Hanna works very hard in music and pushes herself to learn new things all the time. I am constantly impressed by the new songs, instruments, and concepts she is exploring with her own initiative. She seeks out new learning opportunities and is a model example of someone who will go on to be a lifelong learner.

Fiona Shouse- I teach Fiona in more than one class currently. She is a wonderful example of a resilient learner. She faces challenges without getting discouraged. She is not bogged down by obstacles but takes a second and tries again.

Kind Empathetic Friends

Jessie Henriquez- Jessie comes to class every day with a smile on her face and a warm hello for everyone. She is always willing to help classmates out and make sure that they are having a good day. Jessie is a ray of sunshine and a great example of someone who is kind to everyone.

Berkley Whisler- Berkley is the epitome of kind and compassionate! She radiates empathy and understanding to the people around her as she reflectively listens and makes meaningful connections. I am grateful that I get to have her in my classroom community, for she helps create a caring and fun space in our Global Thinkers class. I am proud of you, Berkley!

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