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February 19, 2014

Snow Days!!!!

We have certainly had our share of snow this winter which has impacted our academic calendar pretty significantly. When the school board adopts and updated calendar addressing the missed school days, we will be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, our staff is working to manage the missed time in the best way(s) possible. Please be sure to read your teacher newsletters and email updates as they come. Many will share schedule changes an updated assessment dates with you as they work through the changes. Flexibility is the key!

Hopefully we are through the worst of it and will have sunshine and warmer weather for the rest of the winter, welcoming spring as soon as possible!!


The Pennsylvania Department of Education has changed the PSSA testing dates in recognition of missed time due to weather. Please note the following:

PSSA Math/Reading
  • Will start the week of March 24th (rather than the 17th) with the second week ending on April 4th.
PSSA Writing
  • Will take place the week of April 7th to 11th (rather than the previous week).
PSSA Science
  • No change. Will still take place the week of April 28th.

For more parent information about the PSSAs please view this CB webpage:

Attention 6th Grade Parents!!!

Middle School Orientation Reminder

7:00 PM on Tuesday, March 4

The details of this evening are further described on the INVITATION which is posted on the district website and can be viewed by clicking HERE

6th Grade Assessment Schedule Update!

Please see below for the changes to the 6th grade assessment schedule.

Enjoy our Mid-Month Picture Gallery!!!

Guitars Needed for Blazer Academy

Our Guitar Beginner Basics Blazer Academy session is in need of additional guitars. If you have an extra acoustic or electric guitar that you would be willing to loan or donate, please contact Trish Carman Thank you for helping to support students and our Home and School.