Opting Out Of Vaccinations

By Megan McConnell

Is Opting Out of Vaccinations Good or Bad?

Several Parents are deciding to opt out of vaccinations but this could be a serious health risk for others. People with the illness have a 90% chance of spreading the disease to other people. Out of these people 13,000 parents believe vaccinations violate personal beliefs and do not vaccinate their children. Compared to having only two doses of a vaccine and are now 99% immune to the virus.

Supporting information:

We found support to help convince parents that vaccinations are to help our children not to harm them!

- Paul Offit told us that the rumors saying that vaccines cause autism and development delays are false. He also told us that children not vaccinated are 24 times more likely to get whooping cough.

- Marc Siegel says that each person infected with the disease has a 90% chance spreading the disease and the measles virus is highly contagious. Whereas if you were to get the measles vaccination you would be 99% immune after only two doses.

-Sumathi Reddy measures of cortisol, which is a hormone that gives off stress, do not have a great difference in children who have received only one shot and children who have received several. Therefore proving that vaccinations do not put extra stress on the body and immune system.

- Also children with cancer, are too young and do not have strong enough immune systems rely on the people around them to be vaccinated to keep them safe.

-Charles Haynes said that parents do not give their children vaccines because it gets in the way of personal beliefs and religion. They also think that the vaccines can be dangerous can cause development delays and autism.

- Betsy Mckay and Jeanne Whalen said that a patient who never gave her daughter a vaccine began to develop autism without the use of vaccines. They also said that one of twelve children do not receive vaccinations.

- David Ropelk said that people who opted out of vaccinations rates when down 25% when parents were required to write a note saying they had discussed vaccines with their doctor.

The Opposing Side


Should Parents Vaccinate?

Many people are skipping out on vaccinations but what causes their fear? Parents believe that the MMR (mums, measles and rubella) vaccine is linked to autism. Even though it has been proved false parents have decided to opt out of vaccinating their children. Health issues are not the only thing getting in the way of vaccinations but also parents believing that vaccines get in the way of their personal beliefs. Now doctors, schools and communities are stepping farther tp keep the public health safe. It has been said in Washington opting out of vaccination rates have gone down 25% when people started requiring notes from doctors that they discussed vaccines. And after the measles outbreak in Disneyland parents are starting to see the risks of not vaccinating. People with these dangerous diseases have 90% chance of spreading the disease but after just two doses you are already 99% immune.