Be a Part of "Sassy Saturday"!

Everyone can qualify and it starts TODAY!

What is "Sassy Saturday"?

Your leaders and sponsors think everyone of you are very special and we want to treat you like a Princess for a day. You so deserve it and who doesn't love being pampered. Your sponsor has planned a special lunch in your honor for a Saturday in May. (TBD)

The 90 day challenge starts today and ends April 30th!

To be honored in May there are some simple qualifications:

  • Have the career rank of Lead Stylist by April 30th
  • Retail $1540 each month in February, March & April
  • Sponsor at least 2 stylists from January 28th to April 30th
  • 2 of the stylists you sponsor must retail $500 (qualify) in either February, March , & April (Note: The 2 stylists do not need to qualify both in the same month. However, if that happens you have just Promoted to Senior Stylist.)
  • There will be a special surprise for promoting to Senior Stylist & above (Will be announced soon.)
  • There will be another surprise if you are registered for Hoopla by April 30th. (Will be announced soon.)
Guess what happens when you are treated to "Sassy Saturday"? You have made more money, you have earned points for Glam Getaway and you are on your way to promoting! We want you all there to celebrate your day as a future leader of Stella & Dot.