SUHSD Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

January 2015

Semester 2 begins! See link to December Colloquium for all workshops on January 12 Pre-service day. Thank you to over 40 different workshop facilitators!

Third Quarter Core Content-Area Cohort & Zone Workshops Began 1/16/15!

Zone Workshops

All teachers of English/Language Arts, Math, Science and History/Social Sciences in middle- and high-school-level groups of schools
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Taught Curriculum

Teacher Leadership & Promising Practices

Visit the English/Language Arts Cohort 3 page in the SUHSD Curriculum & Professional Development Course to view Promising Practices for leadership aligning written. tested & taught curriculum!

Zone workshops will showcase "taught curriculum" exemplars from among our district's classrooms.

Here's the self-enroll link for the SUHSD Curriculum & PD course if you're not yet enrolled.

Written Curriculum

Semester 2 Instructional Guides drive planning by PLCs

Visit the SUHSD Curriculum and Professional Development Course to access Semester 2 Instructional Guides for all core content-area courses.

Materials Adoption Timeline for Core Content-Area Classes

Per "Williams" settlement, students must have access to instructional materials aligned with California Frameworks in core content areas. The SUHSD plans to update selection of district-adopted materials as California revises and adopts Frameworks. Adoption of materials for additional subject areas, Advanced Placement (AP) and Career/Technical Education (CTE) classes will happen outside of this sequence after consideration of a variety of stakeholder input and available resources.
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Tested Curriculum

Internal Assessments and Performance Tasks Guide Planning and Generate Data

Final Exams for semester 2 of 2015 will result from revision of 2014 Semester 2 Final Exams. Members of the District-level Curriculum Specialist Team (in consultation with Site colleagues) will align the content of exams with the content of Instructional Guides. They will also examine items with low internal consistency reliability (see additional assessment validation information here) and offer revised items targeting comparable skills.

Proposed testing window (May 22 - June 4, 2015) for Semester 2 Finals will expand from one to two weeks to allow for more flexility in scheduling exams; seniors will participate in course-level Finals.

Each core content-area course will offer students an opportunity to participate in a district-wide Performance Task this semester. Performance Tasks should be available via Research & Evaluation Canvas Course by the end of February, 2015. Teachers should plan to meet in PLCs to participate in calibrated scoring to maximize the value of these tools for formative purposes.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) publishes information on achievement levels

SUHSD internal assessment development is informed by awareness of external assessments (specifically SBAC summative exams, which will affect students in grades 3-8 and 11). While high-stakes tests contribute to statewide accountability measures, they represent a limited set of data that can be used to describe what students know and can do. See this recent California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress update for information on distribution of achievement levels based on the pilot tests last spring.

Teamwork drives positive change!

SUHSD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

Roman Del Rosario, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Katrine Czajkowski, Lead Curriculum Specialist

Daniel Cohen & Mimi Williams, Math Curriculum Specialists

Gina Vattuone & Rhea Faeldonea-Walker, ELA Curriculum Specialists

Ana Garcia & Melanie Brown, Science Curriculum Specialists

Kelly Leon & Olga Loya-Estrada, History/Social Science Curriculum Specialists