Coal Energy

By :Hannah Manning , Damien Lopez

How is Coal formed

Well over millions of years the plants were buried under water and dirt.

Heat and pressure turned the dead plants in to Coal . That is how coal is formed!

Know you ask is it renewable or nonrenewable and how I know

Well Coal is a nonrenewable beacause energy produced

by burning fossil fuels such as coal.

A interesting fact is ...

Coal is a combustible black or brownish sedimentary rock with a high amount of carbon And hydrocarbon

Do you what to know how natural resources used

Coal is used for electric power , industry , converting

coal into gas and liquid

You know what some advantages of coal is

An advantages of coal is that coal is to produce electricity

and many more things

Did you know that Coal is nonrenewable

Some of the way to alternatives of coal is

to not burn the Coal

Some disadvantages are.....

A disavantage to using coal is fired plants including green house gas emissions

mining destruction generation of millions of ton waste.

So of the harmful effects are...

When mining for is people die from coal because it pollute

the air and when breath can kill you.

Coal is most abundantly found at...

Wyoming (39%)

west Virgina (12%)

Kentucky (8%)

Illinois (5%)

Pennsylvania (5%)

Thank you

From Hannah manning and Damien lopez
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