Husky Update

May 2022

Hello Hollencrest Families!

I hope this edition of the Husky Update finds your family doing well.

This week, we will begin state testing after not testing previously due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teachers have been working hard to reinforce concepts that will be assessed and to make sure that all students can perform at a high level on the testing days.

Below you will find a schedule for the upcoming weeks as well as some tips and pointers for parents and families related to making sure students are able to give their best effort on the exams.

This next week is also Teacher Appreciation Week! We appreciate our teachers and if you want to share your appreciation, you can let them know by following the link in the Teacher Appreciation article to write them a thank you or affirmation telling them how amazing they are.

Additionally, a separate newsletter will be going out later this week related to 8th-grade end-of-the-year activities. This newsletter will include specifics about promotion, awards night, as well as other 8th grade activities, so please monitor your ParentSquare inbox if you have an 8th-grade student.

Thank you for reading!

Helping your student prepare for state testing.

1. Make sure your child gets an ample amount of sleep the night before each testing day and also make sure that their Chromebook device is plugged in so that it can be fully charged overnight.

2. Mark testing days on your calendar to help remind you and your child when the testing will take place. (See the calendar below)

3. Have your student eat a nutritious and filling breakfast. School breakfast service will begin at 7:30 AM, per usual. The middle school breakfast menu can be accessed HERE. As a reminder, this is a free option for all students.

4. Make sure the student is on time (if not early) on the day of testing. With construction along Merced Avenue, we suggest getting students to school no later than 7:45 AM

5. If your child is sick please contact the school immediately to inform us so that we can begin planning for a make-up session.

State Testing Schedule- Start and end times remain the same

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Do you have wired headphones?

We try to provide each student with headphones for the listening and speaking portions of the state test, but many students prefer to use their own headphones. If you have wired headphones for your student, please encourage them to bring those with them during testing, shorten our distribution time and allow us more time for instructions and testing.

What if my student is anxious about testing?

1. Try not to place added pressure on your student. Reinforce that as long as they have worked hard and give their absolute best, you will be proud of them no matter the outcome.

2. Have the child visualize success. Encourage them to rehearse what it will feel like to get a good score on the test.

3. Work with them to minimize stressors and distractions prior to the test, setting out clothes and resources the night before so that mornings are stress-free.

4. Try to use positive language when talking about the expectations of the test.

5. Consider planning something fun for your child after the testing is done.

6. We know how smart our Huskies are!!! Keep a positive attitude about testing in general around your child and emphasize their ability to demonstrate what they have learned.

Teacher Appreciation

May 3, 2022, is Teacher Appreciation Day and I wanted to take a moment to boast about the extraordinary individuals that make up our teaching staff at Hollencrest Middle school.

Throughout the last several years, our teachers have been super-heroic in their effort to adapt, modify, learn, engage, and support our students across the varied software and distance learning platforms that have emerged over the course of the pandemic, eventually returning back to in-person instruction.

Additionally, our school was twice named a "Capturing Kids Hearts" National Showcase School, a designation that demonstrates our commitment to meeting the social and emotional needs of our students. This is a recognition that is difficult to earn under the best of circumstances, but the fact that we have now been recognized for two years in a row (and are in the running for a third), through periods of school closure, distance learning, and now back to in-person instruction, further demonstrates the level of commitment our teachers have for our students.

Over the next few days, I encourage you to send an email or write a note letting our teachers know how much you appreciate them and the work that they do.

You can submit your message by clicking HERE.

Did you know that Hollencrest Middle School is a Common Sense School?

That means that we try to educate students about being responsible digital citizens in their digital life in addition to being contributing members of the on-campus Hollencrest community.

For kids, digital life is real life. It's where they build friendships, take a stand on issues, and do so much more. Encourage your student to reflect on their media habits and build digital citizenship skills with this collection of articles, videos, printable handouts, conversation starters, ready-made workshops, and more. You can find the Common Sense Media Family Tips on Media Balance, Common Sense Media Agreement, and Common Sense Media articles to help your student build a healthy digital life.

West Covina High School 7th and 8th-Grade Football Camp

WCHS Bulldog Camp is a NO-COST program that will run in the evenings from May 2-May 4th. This is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure and information regarding high school football and program requirements. There is no registration needed. Interested students need to report to Thyberg Field on the campus of West Covina High School and should wear athletic shirts and shorts, cleats (if they have them), and bring plenty of water.
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2022 8th-Grade Class Shirt

As a special gift to our 8th-grade students, we will be distributing FREE class shirts for all 8th graders. This gift is completely free of charge and will help students commemorate their three years of middle school with their 8th-grade classmates. The shirt will have the complete class of 2022 listed by name.

Thank you Huskies! We are proud of you!!!

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Counseling Support

Any time is an excellent time for students to meet with their counselor to develop a game plan for success. If you would like to schedule a time with your student's counselor to develop a plan to finish the year strong, contact them through ParentSquare or find them on our webpage, HERE.