Local News Update

Middle East


In the news today will resume nuclear talks. The ISNA said that it had no report but later deleted it from its website. Iran says that they are going to use uranium for peace. A report says talks will resume on January 28 & 29.

The U.S. response to nuclear power in iran. The U.S. is about ready to send for military action. The united states has tried peaceful ways to persuade Iran to stop using uranium. U.S. officials say they continue to talk to iran about its uranium situation.

Also in the news about 50 freed iran people had to wait to be flown home because of bad weather. Reporters say rebels plan to free more people. This report has caused an outbreak. The winter storm has caused rebel and iran powers flight to be delayed


This afternoon a mini van drove into the gates of an intelligences agency and exploded into a blast that was heard from down town. "Five attackers jumped out of a second van trying to storm the gate" ,said the police. the five attackers were killed and the explosives were defused by the security forces.

President Obama is pursuing a version of strategy in Afghanistan. The Afghan government is willing to cooperate with the United states and Afghanistan's future attacks.

In last winter of 2012 more than 100 people died in the cold weather in the numerous refugee camps that surround afghanistan's capital. The camp is less than 20km from the presidential place. NATO headquarters international is overseeing billions of dollars in aid to the country.