April Fool's? April Jewels!!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!

No Way?!?!

Yes Waaayy!!! Did you know that half of Stella and Dot's line is under $50??? Well if you didn't know...now you do!!! What are you waiting for?


"Feeling Beautiful" is not just about outward appearance. It is a state of mind and transcends to an inner peace and beauty. Behind the product lies a deeper meaning and purpose. My business allows me the opportunity to create human connections and to make a difference in other people's lives. Stella and Dot is not just a "jewelry company". We are a community of individuals who aim towards greatness by empowering other women from all different walks of life.

It's time to bond with girls...

  1. Pick a date
  2. Email, call, or text your gal pals
  3. A Stella and Dot Stylist (ME) sets up shop
  4. Ladies, drinks, treats, and a styling session that will earn you product credits and half off items!!!

Come on...just do it!!! It's healing for a woman's soul to hang out with other girls!!! Let's "Feel Beautiful" together!!!

The Stella & Dot Summer Collection Has Arrived!!!

Available for purchase April 4, 2014!!!

Stella & Dot is Hiring!!!

Thursday, April 10th, 7pm

25 Hawthorne Ave

Park Ridge, NJ

Are you curious??? Leave your checkbook at home!!! Join me for a cup of coffee and an informal Q&A session about becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist!!!