Early Ojibwe by: Nadya Prashad



As the weather got warmer the ojibwe people packed up and went where the maple trees grew. it was the sugar camp where the ojibwe turned sap from the maples into sugar and syrup. how they did this is they put gashes in the maple trees and put wooded spout in the gashes. soon the sap began to drip into the birchbark containers next the ojibwe had to turn the sap into sugar at the sugar house .They put the sap into the kettles and set them over burning fires.


Another important thing the ojibwe did in the spring was make canoes. First, the Ojibwe constructed a frame from cedar, a strong but lightweight wood. Then they wrapped birchbark around the bottom and sides of the frame and sewed it tight using twine made of spruce roots. Lastly, they sealed the seams in the bark with spruce gum.