"Planet Pirollo"

By: Emma Pirollo

Moons and Tides

Moons: 2

If my planet had two moons they would be on opposite sides of the planet and in a straight line. This would effect the tides on my planet because low tide would be really low and high tide would be really high.

Planet Info

"Planet Pirollo"

Star Type: red

Orbit: 1.2 astronomical units

Planet Mass: 2

Volcanoes: yes

Plate Movement: yes

Liquid Water: yes

Producers: yes

Tilt and Seasons

Tilt: 90 degrees

If the tilt of my planet was 90 degrees all the seasons would stay the same. The most direct light would be on the equator.

Mass and gravity

Mass: 2 astronomical units

My planets mass would be twice as much as Earth meaning my planet will have more gravitational force. The more mass your planet has the more gravity it will have.

How is my planet habitable for life?

Planet Pirollo has volcanoes, and plate movement to help balance the amount of carbon dioxide, and plenty of liquid water and producers for life to live!

About a Red Sun

Red Suns are considered a "cool star." with an average temperature of 3100 degrees Celsius. Red Suns have an incredible long life span so we can ensure that Planet Pirollo will last a long time. Red suns can last 100 billion years to trillions of years.

Designing my planet

Designing Planet Pirollo was challenging because I needed to have all the right features of planet Earth so the life could exist. My planet needed to fit the right temperature, but also have enough water and land.