Life in Trenches

Not All It's "Dug Up" to be

Our Soldier's Life in the Trenches

As you know, our troops are currently fighting a war oversea's in Europe. However, the war is at a virtual standstill with the way these battles are being fought. For those of you who do not know, this war is being fought by trench warfare. These trenches are normally about 7 feet deep and 6 feet wide. In the trench system, there are three main trenches, the front line trench, the support trench, and the reserve trench. These trenches are all connected by communication trenches. Between the two warring sides there is about 250 yards of space. This is called "No Man's Land". It can be filled with barbed wire to prevent the enemy from being able to effectively charge across. (6)

Conditions in the Trenches.


Men in the trenches experience harsh conditions. There are rats and lice everywhere. Efforts to maintain sanitary are often futile. Lice would burrow in the soldiers clothes and lay eggs. Then, even if the clothes were deloused, the eggs would hatch once the soldiers body heat warmed them up. Rats would constantly crawl on the soldiers as they tried to rest. (3)

Life In The Trenches Of WWI