Philippines in trouble

The Philippines will struggle in many ways due to their incredibly young and uneducated population and terrible location.

How government hurts its own country

The government of the Philippines can only be described as corrupt. The people of the Philippines have to pay a considerable amount through taxes and nothing is being done to fix their main problems. These problems include flooding, road construction, lack of traffic laws, billions of dollars in debt, and many others. The government has even been caught destroying their own roads and fixing them to give off the impression that they are doing something. It is even said that "Even if, let's say, we have a good president, it would still be difficult for him to implement good governance practices nationwide because the rest of the politicians would not support something that has nothing in it for them." This is mainly because of the very young population. The people running the country are not old and experienced enough to actually run their country efficiently.

How the problems are being solved

The people in the Philippines have accepted that they have a problem. They also realize where all of these bad situations are coming from. Because of this they are very determined to get a better, more qualified person to lead their country. They are holding an election at this moment and are hoping for the best. If they pick the wrong person they might have to endure these same problems for years to come.


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