Peter Pan, Jr.

Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Don't miss out on the event of the season! This Weekend ONLY!


Have you bought your tickets for Peter Pan, Jr. Yet??? If not, it isn't too late. Tickets can still be purchased at the event. The ticket prices are: $5 per seat for the last two rows, $10 per seat for the middle six rows, $15 per seat for rows 3 and 4, and $20 per seat for the first two front rows (some seats are taken). Children under 5 are free All seats are reserved. We also have popcorn and lemonade for sale. So, don't miss this amazing show and those amazing kids!

Event Dates Still Available:

Saturday, May 19 at 7:30 pm

Sunday, May 20 is a Matinee at 3:30 pm

Scenes from Opening Night!