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By Devon Austin

Broken Boston

On a cold, Snowy day of March 5, 1770, people were swarming on King Street near the Custom House, a fight had broken out. People began pushing and shoving, Gun shots filled the air. Five American colonist were pronounced dead due to the muskets of the British soldiers led by Captain Preston. This event was known as the Boston Massacre. British soldiers were being taunted by the protesters also known as the patriots due to the enforcement of taxation that were passed by the British Parliament that didn't care for the Americans votes. And soon became a turning point for the American colonists that would changed their lives forever.

The British Captain Preston, was the commanding officer during the time of the Boston Massacre. He ordered his men to go help the guard out front of the Customs House. Patriots were arguing with the troops and the troops were ordered to fix their bayonets. Colonists responded by pelting the guards with snowballs and other objects at the British regulars. By fixing their bayonets Private Hugh Montgomery was the first to shoot due to a snowball hitting him, it discharged his rifle into the crowd. The soldiers heard the gun shot and began firing after. By this fatal event it led to Five men dead three on the spot and two others struggling to survive and died a slow and painful death and announced dead in the morning. Mr. Gray was Killed by a shot in the head, Crispus Attucks was killed by to bullets entering his chests, Mr Patrick Carr was badly wounded and died a few days later, Mr Samuel Maverick was mortally wounded and died the next day , Mr James Caldwell was killed by two bullets entering the back.

The Eight British soldiers along with Captain Preston were put on trial, John Adams agreed to defend the soldiers because of his support of the colonial justice system.

The Sons of Liberty competed against the stamp act by advertising the Boston Massacre which represented a battle for American Rights and the removal of British troops in Boston. Document B shows that a patriot (Paul Revere) engraves a picture of the Boston Massacre showing the British soldiers Lined up and very organized and showing that the Americans Victory. this showed the American colonist that British can be bad as well and influenced people to become patriots.

April 1775, the American revolution Begins when the British troops that cam from Boston fought with the Americans at the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The British troops had one task and that was to capture leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington and to remove arsenal at Concord. Neither were accomplished because Paul Revere and William Dawes warned Adams and Hancock who rode ahead of the British, warning Adams and Hancock and moving Patriots. British forces had to leave Boston because of the American General George Washington and his placement of cannons and defenses.

The removal of the British from Boston was the end of British ruling and a new beginning for American victory that was led by George Washington a hero and a person who changed the way that we live today.

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And the Packet

Ten Pieces of Evidence

  1. Started at King Street on March 5th, it was snowy and the protesters were taunting the guards out side the custom house. (2 interviews)
  2. They pelted snowballs and other items at them and the guards were ordered to fire their bayonets. (?2 of interviews.)
  3. Document B- shows the guards were very organized and patriots were not by Paul Revere. I think it shows how British were cruel and this led to victory for patriots.
  4. The picture By Alonzo Chappel shows how it was an unexpected fight with British and patriots. on the ground you see people dead but they are holding clubs so they did have weapons.
  5. Captain Preston was in charge during that time and they were sentence to court later in jail. (Anonymous Account)
  6. Five men were dead and two were wounded. (Anonymous Account)
  7. Fire bell was probably why the interviewee was saying they heard fire around the streets. and why the patriots had weapons as well.
  8. British army moved to concord to watch the movement of the troops. (The struggle for Independence)
  9. The last document was a pamphlet that told about the five people dead and about the Boston massacre it shows five black coffins with skulls on them and the initials of their names.
  10. Several guns were fired but some believe that the first gun shot was because a man had stumbled. (Anonymous Account)