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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

What a great day we had on Thanks Day! To everyone who ministered - cleaning, decorating, singing, miming, cooking, speaking, and every other task - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The Presence of the Lord was in the place, and the fellowship was sweet. Perhaps we should have more days of not asking God for a thing, just praising Him for what He has done!

Excellent Resource

As we near the feasting season, we mentally prepare ourselves for our fasting season. Our focus in January will be a time of corporate fasting. We are in this together! However, some people may have dietary restrictions or be so disciplined that there is not much for them to give up in the way of food. This devotional from can help! It is a guide to help each person choose what is best for them to fast. It is a short - 4 day devotion. Check it out (the title above is the link).

Great Message

I recently preached from this passage, but Pastor Robert brings out a different angle
I'm Annoyed | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church