Bull Riding Flyer

By Emma, Tom, and Augusta


You could get a serious body injury while bull riding. Shane Proctor got surgical reconstruction of an unstable left shoulder in January and has not competed for 6 months.

You could also get trampled and in some cases, killed. In Thackerville, Oklahoma, Jordan Hupp was sent to the hospital after being brutally stepped on by his bull.

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Aside from risking injuries, there are also some rewards that come along with bull riding. Chris Shivers said: " It's the greatest feeling in the world, you're riding on something four times your size and you're in control."

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Bull riding grants many people the opportunity to take a chance and do something exciting. Tyler Harr is a professional bull rider and states during his first time riding; "It was a dream come true."

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High risks in bull riding are many injuries. "Among rodeo events, bull riding takes the greatest injury toll..." states Reuters.com. According to PBR.com, J.W. Harris. Marco Eguchi, and Rayan Roberts were all injured on September 14th and are out of the competition. Rewards in bull riding can reward you with alot of money. "Last year, J.B. Mauney, for example, pocketed $348,000 after winning the average at the World Finals in Las Vegas." As long as you don't get injured when you bull ride, you can earn alot of money. But if you do get hurt alot of things can change.

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