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“Did You Know There Are “Phases” to Changes?”


But I was fortunate to come into this information at a crucial time in my life! I’ve experienced unimaginable change with & without this information...and With is the way to GO! ... to go through knowing ... I Will Be Alright!

Not because someone told me, “You’ll Be Alright,” as they consoled me, but because I was equipped with the knowledge that Every Change entails a process that leads me to consciously or un-consciously ... RE-Create! the Life I Was Born to Live!

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♥ These Teen Girls LOVED it! ♥

I learned that I can’t give up, I can do this. This a light at the end of the tunnel, but if I don’t keep going I may never find that light.

  • M. M., 8th grade … Park Middle School, Scotch Plains, NJ

I learned that accepting yourself is one thing, but accepting what happens to you and understanding it is another. The session also taught me how to deal with problems by just taking time out for yourself or ask questions that only you can answer and find out.

  • M. S., 9th grade ... Rahway High School, Rahway, NJ

This workshop really relates to me, because I have been through many difficult times where I had to deal with denial, frustration, anger or etc.. I felt really happy & great after going to this program.

  • S. F., 9th grade … Abraham Clark High, Roselle, NJ

I would say this event was very interesting, I enjoyed it alot it taught me different things on life as well as the characteristics of the 7 phases. It will help me for years in my life. I took notes so I will not 4get them!

  • D. M., 9th grade ... Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, NJ

I like this workshop for making choices and having awareness in life.

  • A. L., 10th grade ... Abraham Clark High School, Roselle, NJ

This session really touched me. As you stand here before us and can tell us that we can get through our problems and situations is really touching and to just see you smile through your loss.

  • K. E., 11th grade … Abraham Clark High School, Roselle, NJ

How to deal with difficult problems and not let a phase in our life stop you from moving on.

  • S. C., 12th grade … Linden High School, Linden, NJ

…& some of their VALUABLE! takeaways!

The way to go through the change. An actual guide and understanding.
  • ...Unknown!

Real story, relatable information that can apply to everyone’s lives.
  • ...8th Grader!

Acceptance, the last phase, we have to accept what happens whether we like it or not.
  • ...12th Grader!

How you explained your story about your child, I was able to visualize the situation.
  • ...9th Grader!

The slideshow! It caught my attention.
  • ...8th Grader!

The whole thing because you were truthful.
  • ...10th Grader!

♥ YOU'LL LOVE IT too! ♥

Here's what some professionals have to say about ... THE CarlaStarla!

... as a Keynote Speaker! ... Workshop Facilitator! ... & Certified Life Coach!

Leah Dade

Executive Director Paterson Alliance - Creating partnerships through collaboration.

I have had the opportunity to engage Carla to facilitate workshops for two conferences that impacted the lives of over 200 young ladies. She provided the young ladies who selected her workshop with a comprehensive program, that enabled them to tap into their personal power and vision for their life. She was evaluated highly by those in attendance and everyone enjoyed working with her. She has an amazing and energetic personality that is displayed constantly. Moreover, she is committed. I know that during one of our conferences, she suffered a very serious personal tragedy and she did not cancel her appearance, nor did her presentation suffer. She brought her "A "game and gave 110% without any excuses. She is a woman on a mission to share her passion and vision. You will not be disappointed when you work with Carla.

  • May 1, 2012, Leah was Carla Starla's client

Kathi Koufacos

International Project Manager

I recently hired Carla to conduct a session for clients at Dress for Success Morris County. The session was on change and Carla did a great job of going through the grieving process of accepting any kind of change. She was inspirational for the women and they really got a tremendous amount of benefit from the session.

  • March 7, 2012, Kathi was Carla Starla's client

Deane Donnelley

Production Control Supervisor at UPS

Carla "Starla" Bobb is energetic and hardworking. She brings an enthusiasm to the table that generates others to share her feelings. She is constantly trying to improve herself and expand her horizons. Carla not only does this for herself but for everyone she meets.
Carla carries herself well and is not afraid to put her best foot forward and try something new.

  • March 3, 2010, Deane was with another company when working with Carla Starla at South Street Toastmasters

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THE CarlaStarla!

Unemployment ... Divorce ... Loss of Her Children ... Acquiring a Felony Charge ... & Homelessness ... within One Year!

THE CarlaStarla’s peculiar quiddity of being able to Smile & have Joy as she endures adversities, trials & challenges, deems her to be the epitome of Hope, Excellence & Inspiration!

With every keynote spoken & with every workshop facilitated, Award-Winning! Spiritually Influential Writer & Speaker ... THE CarlaStarla! shares a personal experience of how she overcame one of her battles! With every keynote spoken & with every workshop facilitated, THE CarlaStarla! shares a personal experience of how she overcame one of her battles! By way of re-establishing her Values in turn leading her to her Purpose! Envisioning what she really wants, sticking to her Intentions & staying Focused by keeping the Faith! As she’s empowered to know that there are phases to EVERY Change, she Builds her team of professionals that have a desire to serve because, there is Life After...WHATEVER!™ All while Celebrating each achievement of her manageable Goals!

THE CarlaStarla! is a National Keynote Inspirational Speaker! ... Certified Life Empowerment Coach! ... & Executive Producer! of THE Life After...WHATEVER! Television Show! She possesses a zeal for altruism and has taken on leadership roles within the vicinity of her hometown, Morristown, NJ! From being the Vice President of Membership for South Street Toastmasters in East Hanover to being the Speaker Coordinator at Dress for Success Morris County’s Professional Women’s Group in Madison! As the Founder of Life After...WHATEVER!™, an organization that specializes in coaching “Ex-Offenders” from Good to AWESOMELY EXCELLENT!, she periodically attends court cases of unknown defendants to convey that people other than their loved ones...Care!

Her Excitement! about RE-Creating! the Life You Were Born to Live!™ is contagious & those that know her, can’t get enough! THE CarlaStarla’s presence Illuminates every place she enters & leaves an aura of Enlightenment when she’s gone, reminding you to SHINE!...Like the STAR You Are!™, a facet of being a SHINY STAR!