North Side News

August 13th - 17th, 2018

Welcome to Week 2

Our first week of school was amazing! Thank you to everyone for doing your part! Tentative aide schedules are coming out tonight, but please know that they could still change once Title is up and running.

Please continue to review procedures this week and practice them. I need help from K, 1, and 2 - please continue to take your students to the cafeteria and practice walking in there. They want to run after taking trays up. We appreciate your help!

BOY Benchmarking has arrived!!!

Ready Math and Raz-Kids benchmarking open on Monday. Raz can be started right away - please refer to my e-mail for details. Also, Chelsey will be sending out information regarding Ready math and important steps to follow before having students take the assessment. Please don't start with math on Monday morning.

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage to discovery....The world is all gates, all opportunities. -Ralph Waldo Emerson-

This week:

Monday, August 13th:

PD - ILEARN (please accept your Canvas invite from Becca and bring your devices with you)

BOY Testing begins - Raz and Ready Math

1 pm - Move In CC - I.B. (Jen, Laura P., Stephanie)

5 pm - Preschool Parent Meeting

Tuesday, August 14th:

BOY Testing continues......

2:45 pm - Speech CC - R.J. (Cory, Kelly K., Jessica)

3 pm - Safety Team Meeting (Stephanie, Jamie, Cory, Jane, Dean, Kelli, Ronda, Amanda, Anita)

Wednesday, August 15th:

BOY Testing continues......

8 am - Cory @ DCS Staff Meeting

3 pm - PBIS Team Meeting (Kelli's room)

Thursday, August 16th:

BOY Testing continues....

3 pm - BIP Review/Update - I.T. (Amanda H., Amanda W., Stephanie, Cory, Jamie, Laura P.)

Friday, August 17th:

BOY Testing continues....

Week of August 20th

Monday, August 20th:



BOY continues, NWEA now open

Tuesday, August 21st:


BOY Testing Continues.....

8:30 am - Admin Meeting (Stephanie, Jamie)

3-3:30 pm - Staff Meeting

3:30 pm = First PTO MEETING

Wednesday, August 22nd:

BOY Testing continues.....

1:30 pm - ACR CC - C.R. (Laura P., Stephanie, Angie)

6 pm = Board Meeting

Thursday, August 23rd:

BOY Testing continues.....

2:30 pm - Cory attending an ELL Meeting

Friday, August 24th:

BOY Testing continues.......

3 pm - CPI Team Meeting (Laura P.'s room)