The United Kingdom

By Fiona Weatherby

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The flag of the UK

Date Joined the EU

January 1973
The U.K. joined after being denied membership twice in the 60s by the French President.


In the 19th century, the U.K. was part of the British Empire.
The U.K. is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, north of France, and southeast of Iceland, and borders Ireland.

Flag History

When Queen Elizabeth I was dying, she appointed her cousin, King James VI of Scotland, to be her successor, since she was childless. At the time, Scotland and England were not unified, and were completely separate.

King James proceeded to rule Scotland and England at the same time. To symbolize the nations he ruled, he created a banner to combine the independent flags of England and Scotland. This flag was in use from 1606 to 1801.

When Ireland joined the united countries, the flag was redesigned to include the Irish flag.

Capital and other major cities

London, England is the capital, and the city with the largest population in the U.K.. The population of London is around 8,000,000 people according to the census in 2011. The second largest city is Birmingham in England, with around 1,000,000 people. Glasgow, Scotland has about 590,000 people; Liverpool, England has 550,000 people; and Bristol, England with 535,000 people.


A poll showed that the most popular vacation activity for British people travelling within England is walking or hiking. Hiking allows for a good view of the hills and streams.

A popular activity is also visiting historical landmarks or sites. The U.K. has a deep history, so there are definitely places to learn about that background.

Physical Features

There are many small mountains and rugged hills in the more rural parts of the U.K.. There are also rolling plains in the east and southeast.


The government type in the U.K. is a constitutional monarchy where a monarch acts within a set of rules, or a constitution. This is different than a normal monarchy where a monarch is not restricted in any way.


The U.K. uses the pound sterling, usually called the pound. One pound is equivalent to about $1.50 in the U.S..


You can get married in the U.K. at 16

A majority of people in the U.K. are middle aged

Scottish men wear the traditional kilt on formal occasions


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