Persuasive smore

Should girls be allowed to play on boy's sports teams?

counter argument

Some people say girls aren't strong enough and are more emotional and fragile then boy's are.

Girls are not giving a chance to prove critiques wrong. They need to have the girls try out like any boy to also make it to teams.


Girls should definite have the opportunity to try out to play in a boys team and can actually prove to people they can be competitive and can have good skills to the sport trying out for. If you already have your choice made and and believe girls shouldn't play with boys all you have to do is give one chance to girls who truly desire to play a boys sport and wants to play with boys on a team.

5 reasons

One reason why i think that girls should have a chance to play on boys teams is they can be competitive and put in effort when it comes to a game.

2nd reason

Girls are considered more fragile and weaker than boys that isn't always true. girls can be mentally and physically strong and can really put all the work in to the sport.

3rd reason

Girls can prove the people who believe girls shouldn't play with boys wrong. Just by putting in effort and if you truly want to play that sport an practicing hard you can accomplish on getting the chance to prove to them.

4th reason

Girls need the opportunity to have a chance and try out for boys sport just like the boys to see if they can really developed on having skills and actually be good in one of the sports we are interested in.

5th reason

We as girls are willing to take the chance and the injuries that will happen if we get the opportunity to tryout and possibly make the team.
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