HMMS Happenings!

February 9, 2016

The groundhog was wrong - winter is far from over! I hope everyone survived the double dose of winter storms this weekend and stayed safe during our snow days. Students and staff transitioned back into our morning routines without skipping a beat!

Thank you, Mr. Parnell!

A big thank you to Mr. Parnell for all of the positive contributions he has made as part of our HMMS administrative team over the last several weeks. We greatly appreciate your HMMS wisdom and your willingness to help in any capacity. Mr. Parnell's last day in this administrative role will be Friday, February 12.

Spirit Week, February 8-12 !

Even though our week has been shortened by the snow, the HMMS students arrived ready to show their spirit! Student Council has organized another festive spirit week to keep us energized and thinking warm thoughts...Please remind your student that all costumes and spirit gear must meet dress code requirements.

Monday, Feb 8 - Pajama Day! We will reschedule...

Tuesday, Feb 9 - Tropical Tuesday!

Wednesday, Feb 10 - Teacher Twin Day!

Thursday, Feb 11 - Dress Like your Favorite Character / Dress Like a Celebrity Day!

Friday, Feb 12 - Dress in your Homeroom Color for our annual, school-wide

"Elimination" Tournament to be held during Unified Arts classes on Feb 12.

Lost and Found

If your student has misplaced something (a lunch bag, article of clothing, shoes, binder, etc.) please be sure he or she visits our Lost and Found table, located in the main lobby just outside the main office.

The Lost and Found table will be cleared this Friday, February 12th

At that time, any items left on our table will be donated or discarded. Please be sure to check (or double check) before Feb 12th to claim your lost items!

Bus Passes

It has recently been brought to our attention by students and parents that seating is limited on certain HMMS buses and, at times, feels overcrowded. Ms. Cotillo, Mr. Parnell and I will be working with HMMS bus drivers and the district transportation office to review bus lists and make sure students are riding the appropriate bus.

As a reminder, below is the bus-riding policy from the HMMS Student Handbook (p.21):

Students are to board and to get off the bus at the school and the bus stop to which they are assigned. Except in emergency situations, with prior approval from the Principal or Assistant Principal, students will not be given permission to ride on a bus to which they are not assigned.

All students who take an HMMS school bus should have been issued a bus pass for the 2015-16 school year. If your student does not have a 2015-16 bus pass, he/she is not authorized to ride a school bus. Students will be required to show their bus pass this week so we can take accurate attendance on each bus. If you have any questions about bus passes please call the transportation office at 508-553-4815.

Your Student and Social Media

We have had several social media incidents reported to HMMS staff over the past few weeks. With endless technology playing a bigger and bigger role in students' lives, there will sometimes be difficult situations, especially with social media, that require adult intervention. HMMS administration understands that a student's use of social media is a family decision and often takes place outside of the school day. However, when such activity negatively impacts the school environment, we sometimes needs to get involved. Our goal will be to involve families in these conversations as much as possible in an effort to work collaboratively to help students navigate the complexities of technology and social media.

Instagram "Matching" Accounts

Franklin middle school students (from all three schools) have recently come across "match-making" accounts on Instagram, where students can asked to be "matched" with a peer. These accounts are anonymous, difficult to trace, and, as you can imagine, the matching that takes place on such accounts is not always kind. I wanted to make all HMMS families aware that these accounts exist on Instagram, and encourage you to talk to your students about the potential dangers and negative implications of engaging in such online activity.


Snapchat is a message and photo-sharing application that allows the user to send a message or image with a time limit, after which point the message or image "disappears". Snapchat is a popular app among middle school students. It can be a fun way to send "in-the-moment" messages to friends, but it also has the potential to be a platform for sending negative comments and inappropriate pictures. See the Forbes article below for more information on Snapchat.

Again, we encourage you to stay educated on the most current social media apps being used by your student and to educate your student on the best ways to protect themselves online.

Online Resources and Links

Below are links to three timely articles.

The first two provide some valuable information and insight into the potential dangers of Snapchat and other social media apps.

The last article may help shed some light on the elusive mystery - Why do middle school boys insist on wearing shorts all winter?!

Enjoy! :)

Ms. Motte