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Jack Shepard was one of the most gifted young surgeons in the city and after he miraculously saved a women who had no hope of being saved from paralyses who later became his wife, Jack was sought out by everyone in the city to do the riskiest jobs. Jacks over caring personality and inability to handle failure ruined his marriage and relation ship with his dad. After the crash jack quickly took charge of the situation and became their main leader, everyone sought out jacks guidance in missions and crisis and was the one who united the survives.

Jacks horrascope

I believe that Jack is a Capricorn based on the horoscope below, so therefore he was born within the rang of December 22 - January 19

Capricorn's are also philosophical signs and are highly intelligent too. They apply their knowledge to practical matters, and strive to maintain stability and order. They are good organizers, and they achieve their goals by purposeful, systematic means. They are very intuitive, although they don't share this trait with others freely. They do not deal well with opposition or criticism but a healthy Capricorn will often shrug off negative comments towards their character. They are patient and persevering - they know they can accomplish any task as long as they follow a their plan step-by-step. Capricorn's have broad shoulders, and typically take on other's problems with aplomb. Ironically, they rarely share their own problems and tend to go through bouts of inner gloom after a spell of dwelling on these problems. This is the most accurate description of Jack when you scroll down to jack on the island You will see how this is perfect.

Jacks personality

Congratulations! You are a primary Planner personality. You're a reliable organizer who can be counted on to implement other people’s ideas and get the job done.

You are conventional. You are the pillar of strength and have high respect for authority. You like to establish and maintain policies, procedures, and schedules. You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You are naturally parental and dutiful.

You are good at things that require organization, dependability, management, and detail. You need to be useful and to belong. You are the sensible, stable backbone of any group. You believe that work comes before play. I completely agree with the personality test every operation Jack makes the plan like the operation ETHAN that went flawless apart from charlie shooting.

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Man Of Science, Man Of Faith

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