Matthew Oliphant 4/25/16 1,2,3,4th periods

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Last week I went to this awesome place called Waco Mammoth Monument . They found some really cool stuff there that I got to see,It was Mammoth bones. Then to figure out that the people that found the first bone were only teenagers almost my age . That goes to show that if you put yourself to it and work hard you will accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

When we were there we got to dig up bones that they had found and then remade plastic and let us dig. in my square that my group was in we found a shoulder blade that was huge. Also we found part of a tusk that went into another square that was almost seven feet long. Also we went into this building that they found bones in then built around and it turns out that when a nursury pack was found (which is mothers and there young)and they were in circles around the babies that was very interesting

Ecosystem Effects

When we were at the Waco Mammoth Monument we found out a couple of things about the ecosystem and how it functions. While we were visiting the Mammoth site the scouts told us that we couldn't and shouldn't go in the grass because there were these red bugs and if you were to come in contact with them that you would be going home itchy .

Back to earlier when I was talking about how the nursury crowd would hide around there young when under attack or in danger period. Well recently like two weeks ago the found out more information about that .It turns out that when they found one of the mother Mammoths that she had claw marks in her ribs and some of them had broken legs .But also there was a mud slide so they don't know if they ran into each other or if they were attacked by other animals so soon they will have more on that topic.

Religious Reactions Reagan

All over the world there are different ways of understanding and misunderstanding the The Ice Age more specifically on Mammoths because not everybody knows what the other people think or if there perspective is better of worse than yours so the believe in there own way and the same things go with Mammoths because people want to say that they came from there country that it is a myth what everybody else thinks .Some people think that they started in the united States and stayed in the north the whole ice age and others say that Mammoths started in Asia then came over a bridge to the north of the united states and that is your update on the Religious looks on the Mammoth time

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