Virtual Resume

Ravleen K. Bal

Academic Smart Goal

Specific- I want to have a 92% as my grade 12 average.

Measurable- I will measure this by tracking all my marks on my tests and assignments for all my courses in grade 12 and also calculate them to know how I can improve

Attainable- I will start studying for any upcoming tests a week before, and I will study at least for 30 mins each day in order to get 92% as my average.

Relevant- I will get 92% as my average by trying my best and knowing what to do in order to meet all the requirements. I can go from the 70's into the 90's average by trying.

Timely- I want to achieve this goal by June, 2018 at the end of grade 12 and most importantly end of high school.

Volunteering Smart Goal

Specific- I want to volunteer at Sick Kids hospital

Measurable- I will sign up online for volunteering and keep track of when volunteering is needed and will also keep , myself updated by calling them. By doing all that I will know if I can volunteer and they will tell me if I can.

Attainable- I will go to the hospital once and ask them for details there and get contact information in order to know if I can volunteer and how.

Relevant- I want to help sick people and see how health improves. I also want to get an experience of nursing.

Timely- I want to achieve this goal before high school ends and most likely I can get started this summer before grade 11 starts.