The Big, Busy, Bustling City


In the Streets of Downtown Toronto

Living in the suburbs, I never noticed how different it is from a metropolitan city. Especially the populous city of Toronto, since it's one of Ontario's central cities, and it's really near by. Visiting Toronto with my classmates and teacher made me realize how multicultural it is, not only in its people but also in its variety of stores, markets, etc.... Looking around all the different markets they have I noticed that they all have ingenuity and individaulity in them, the people who lived there wouldn't allow commercial industries which kept it simple, they also have their own values and lifestyle. Walking down those markets I was wishing we had that here in Mississauga, my teacher for instance really wanted to buy a loaf of bread from the bakery in Kensington market, so maybe if they provide that for us here we wouldn't have to go all the way the Toronto were it is really clustered. Another uncommon aspect I noticed in Toronto is their various ways of transportation, since they are a jammed city, they can't afford having every resident drive their own car because then it would be too jam-packed. I found that different from were we live because the only way of transportation is either by bussing or your own car. We also stopped by Dundas and York square before approaching Eton centre, we met singers in there, they were on tour practicing which was pretty interesting. Even though it was a Tuesday it was still crowded, on the other hand if you go to Celebration square on a Tuesday morning it would be nearly empty! Eton centre had lots of stores which were high fashion, and they all had more variety of clothing, and also they were more expensive than they would be in a suburban city. Seeing all those different techniques was pretty nice, it was different from home and it was fun!

The trip!

Downtown Toronto is made up of large concentration of sky scrapers and business. It is a city with high population and has many attractions like theaters, historical places, churches, shopping malls and museums. In Toronto there is a variety of different bikeway types and cycling programs to encourage people to ride more. Toronto has many touristic places that attracts people from different countries. CN Tower is the major attraction in Toronto. I enjoyed my trip to Toronto because it is the center of arts, culture and entertainment.