PBIS at Field-Stevenson

A look at what we've done and what we're looking forward to!

PBIS Raffles and Classroom Dojo

The PBIS team continues to hold monthly raffles to reward students for making good choices. Students win a $5 raffle gift card/prize if their shark bite is pulled from the jug...so it pays to earn them and shop with them in the tank! We have also added a Class Dojo Raffle. Each month the students in each grade who have 100% are called up during the raffle assembly to pick a scratch off raffle card. They never know what they are going to win, but prizes can range from extra shark bites, a homework pass, a free pick from the shark tank, an a la cart lunch treat or a Culver's or Portillo's lunch for the winner and a friend. We are always looking for ways to reward our students for making the best choices and following the 3 Bs!


The Chicago Wolves Game and Field Olympics

The students at Field have had tons of fun celebrating as a whole school this year. To celebrate the end of the 2nd quarter the entire school traveled to AllState Arena in Rosemont to watch the Chicago Wolves take on the Grand Rapids Griffins. The game was full of fun, complete with indoor fireworks and loud music. It was a loss on the scoreboard for the Wolves, but a win for Field and our students!!

Most recently we continued with our year long theme of Going for the Gold and held the Field Olympics to celebrate the end of the 3rd quarter. All students had the opportunity to participate in Olympic Trials hoping to make it to the big day. The best javelin thrower (with a pool noodle), basketball shooter, table tennis player, swimming relay team and walking relay team from each homeroom in grades 3-5 competed for bronze, silver and the coveted gold medal on Wednesday, March 23rd. If that wasn't enough fun, the gold medal winners then competed against each other to earn the recognition of being the school champion in their event. We topped it off with a little friendly student vs faculty in each event. If your child hasn't already shared stories from these 2 fun days make sure to ask them all about it!

What's on the schedule for the rest of the year....

Ned is coming to Field on Monday, April 25th at 1:45!! This school-wide character education program centers around a 45 minute assembly called The NED Show. NED is a lovable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best. During the assembly, students will learn about NED’s three messages while also enjoying storytelling, magic, humor and yo-yo tricks.

The Ned Show is a Pay It Forward Program. There is no cost for Field because the proceeds from yo-yo sales from other schools, like Betsy Ross, help pay for our show. We in turn will follow the pay it forward model. Yo-yos will be on sale the week of the show. A letter will be sent home prior to the show to explain the pay it forward sale. We hope to be able to raise funds to have another school have the Ned show visit them free of charge and continue to spread the positive message!

We will have one more all school celebration to end the 4th quarter and the year. Be on the look out for information about our 4th quarter PBIS Celebration in early May. We are extremely proud of our students, their good choices, and the positive environment here at FIELD!!

Meet the Field PBIS Team

The 2015-2016 Field PBIS Team is made up of very dedicated faculty. They work extremely hard to help make Field a positive environment where teaching and learning can occur. They recognize the hard work and efforts of our students and enjoy finding ways to reward them and keep the fun at Field!

Principal and PBIS Cheerleader- Dr. Tiffany Brunson

Internal Coach- Mrs. Susan Bogdan 5th grade teacher

Celebrations- Mrs. Jennifer Uhlmann 4th grade teacher

Shark Tank- Ms. Nicole White 4th grade teacher

Dojo Data and Raffle- Ms. Nicole Petrey 4th grade teacher

Swim Team/Data- Mr. Dan Mc Elligott Math Specialist

Classroom Dojo/Staff Communication- Mrs. Kim Heuther 3rd grade special education

Tier 2 Interventions- Ms. Emily Jasinksi Social Worker

We Need YOU!

The Field PBIS team is looking for a parent to become a member of our team. The relationship between school and home is very important to us at Field, and we hope to add parental involvement to our team to foster that relationship. The team meets twice a month on Wednesdays after school. Interested parents should contact Mrs. Susan Bogdan sbogdan@forestparkschools.org if they are interested and to get more information.