Save the Polar Bears!!!

By: Cole L. , P.5

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Polar Bears

As many creatures inhabit the vast arctic land, none can compare to the feared, yet majestic polar bear. Polar bears live in the cold arctic landscape. Some people hunt them illegally. Polar bears are needed in the food chain, but some people still hunt them.

Polar bears eat other animals such as the ringed seal. The polar bears main prey is the ringed seal. The reason this is important is that if the polar bear is hunted to extinction, it would mean many things. For one we would be losing this wonderful creature and two there would be major overpopulation of the ringed seal and other animals.

Polar bears, even though they are one of the top predators, are hunted and are becoming less and less plentiful. This needs to be changed for the polar bears sake and can be changed with help from humans. If we stop hunting them it may help but not completely stop the problem.

Since they live in the arctic, polar bears are suffering from the drastic change in climate change. If the temperature increases further they will be at higher risk. They live on ice and if the ice melts where will they live?

There are different reasons why the polar bears are hunted. To begin with polar bears have been hunted for a long time. The few natives that live there hunt them occasionally but not often. Most of the time they are hunted for there hide and sometimes for fun or sport.

Polar bears are considered endangered and shouldn't be hunted for any reason. They are great animals and should be treated respectfully. Personally I wish for the polar bears to regain strength and prosper.


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