Protectionists vs. Free Traders

The War Continues...

International Trade

International Trade, which is trading between countries/nations, has been going on for as long as I can remember. A lot of the things people enjoy like TV's, games, and clothing, are made out of country, or we get the material to make it from out of country. With that being said, even though we get all these good things from international trading, some people feel we should limit free trading. These people are called Protectionists.


Protectionists, as said above, feel we should keep things as domestic as we possibly can. They fear international trade can lead to the weakening of national security, jobs, and domestic industries, so they use trade barriers like embargoes, tariffs, subsidies and standards, etc., to limit trade as much as possible. These things are the protectionists tools for doing so. However, just like there are people who want to limit trade, there are people who want to use it as much as possible.These people are known as free traders.

Free Traders

Free Traders are those people who believe international trade strengthens jobs, securities, and domestic industries. They feel that the competition is what drives a country to improve as a whole. With that being said, they embrace the raw materials,technology, and clothing they receive during free trade. They also form alliances in case of emergencies or war. Instead of having trade barriers, the have Free Trade Organizations such as EU, ASEAN, and NAFTA. These industries execute the principles and wants of free trade while putting certain trade barriers into play.
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