WIN Update January

Lakeview - Prestwick

Progress Reports and Rubrics

Parents: Hopefully your WIN student brought home their progress reports and rubrics from their TPSP. I explained the grading process to the students, but should you have any questions, please feel free to email me your questions.

No WIN in February

February is the time our Gifted and Talented Department reserves for Kindergarten testing. During this time there will be no regular WIN classes. During our last January meeting, I will give each student a menu of activities to complete during that time. I will also email a copy of this menu to you as a back-up.

I will be on both campuses during this time and plan to check in with the students often. I'll answer any questions they have about the menu or Mystery Class (4th-5th Grades only). As always, I can be reached by email if you have pressing questions.

Exciting New Projects

With the Texas Performance Standards Project finished, our WIN classes are working some exciting new projects. Our younger grades are beginning Pet Parade. In Pet Parade students will get to choose a pet and research about it. We began brainstorming this last week and their lists were full of interesting creatures both small and very, very big!

Our older grades began two exciting projects. Our 5th graders will remember Mystery Class from last year. Mystery Class is a challenge that will task the students with finding 10 mystery locations based on its sunrise/sunset and clues given on the website: .

Their second project is Travel Passport. Students will be given a travel budget and will plan a DREAM vacation. They began brainstorming their Top 10 locations this week and their choices span the globe! I can't wait to see all the places they choose to research.