Elvis Aaron Presley

The king of Rock N Roll

How it all began

When Elvis was just a young man at eleven years old, he got his first guitar and then a few years later at sixteen years old, he was in the high school talent show and that's when he knew he was going to be the king of rock and roll after that very day Elvis became the most famous man on earth.

Albums,rewards and more

Elvis had around 60 songs that he had made some are:Today,Blue Hawaii,G.I Blues.

He won around 8 rewards including:Grammy lifetime achievement award,Grammy hall of fame,Grammy award for best inspirational performance he had also had some more awards, Elvis won many of his awards from his amazing music but also because he was a famous actor that was on a lot of television.

elvis later life

Elvis later died of addiction to prescription drugs and he died early he died on August 16 1977 he would of only been in his 80s if Evis had not over dose he would still be the king of rock n roll but i guess he could not help but do some drugs.Elvis passed away of a violent heart attack but doctors say it wasnt because of the drugs.